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A little about us:

Welcome to the website for Pip & Co, here you will be able to find my contact details, the services I offer and our prices. I share a lot of information over on our social media pages so please do head over to those too. 

I offer different discount packages so please ask for these. With the cost of living rising, your pet shouldn't have to miss out. 

I am passionate about our animals mental wellbeing as well as their physical and will always offer help where I can. 

What do I offer? 
  • Dog walking  
  • Animal home visits & Day care
  • IMDT dog training & behaviour coach (COMING SOON)
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Who am I?

Up Close & Personal

Hello, I'm Zoe, Wife, Dog Mum, Bunny Mum & Mum to one Son. 

Growing up in the Berkshire countryside, I was always running through fields with our family dogs. They were my first real friends come to think of it. I knew from a young age that I'd find my happiness with animals, my first job was as a groom at our local livery yard, I loved caring for the horses and yard hounds. After years of office work & once we had our Son I finally decided to follow my heart & create a business I was excited to wake up to every day & work on.


 I have studied various courses to ensure I have the knowledge to work with dog's and other animals & am still studying today as I love to learn more about those four pawed individuals. 

I am fully insured, canine first aid qualified and DBS checked, please head over to my contact tab for more information.

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”  


Orhan Pamuk

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